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 Try Hot Wax or Encaustic Painting

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Try Hot Wax or Encaustic Painting Empty
PostSubject: Try Hot Wax or Encaustic Painting   Try Hot Wax or Encaustic Painting I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 15, 2009 11:10 am

Have you ever thought to try a new medium. One that gives interesting textures and finish is Encaustic paint. This is made from from beeswax, sometimes resin, and added coloured pigments and when dried creates an enamel finish which seals the work and gives a sheen.

The encaustic is heated and the liquid or paste is applied to the surface. Oil mediums can be added to encaustic mediums in small amounts though water based medium don't mix. The support used should be hard and provide a firm support or the medium may flex and crack.

Various tools can help in shaping the paint before it cools which creates interesting effects. Heated metal tools can be used to move the was even after it has cooled and this allows changes to be made. Collage can be added as the medium acts as an effective glue. The medium can also be moulded or give a sculptural effect.

Examples of Encaustic or 'hot wax' painting have been found on tombs from 100-350 A.D.

See Wikipedia

Try Hot Wax or Encaustic Painting Petersinai
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Try Hot Wax or Encaustic Painting
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